Every Step

by Half Eaten Apple

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released November 5, 2015

Zachariah Tazewell - Guitar/Vocals
Joshua Harris - Guitar/Vocals
Jai Maher-Brooks Bass/Vocals
Tai Wilkinson - Guitar
Trent Geal - Drums
Connor Macdonald of Nuclear Sound Studio - Recording/Mixing
Jackary Clark of Nightroom Post Audio Engineering - Mastering
Artwork - Levi Ceccato www.behance.net/leviceccato



all rights reserved
Track Name: Happens All Over
Either I'm feeling lazy
or I'm a bit crazy
When my eyes are hazy
I couldn't give a fuck
just about getting high
when I'm out is when iIm in doubt
of myself and who i am
when my lungs start hurting
you know I'm learning
and it happens all over again

Happens all over
Happens all over
Happens all over again

When my Centerlink cheque's
spinning out of control
we winge, "fuck the dole!"
It all takes its toll
if your gonna fit the mold
of a dropkick just like us
They say whats the point
in living this life why don't you
kill yourself with a knife
and die in the gutter
just another statistic so kids
can think its cool, yeah

Happens all over
Happens all over
Happens all over again..
Track Name: Cancer Blues
I'm curious what I'm day dreaming
Ive never seen before I'm over all the
mourning and drugs behind closed doors
I realized I cant live this way anymore
Mum and Dad ain't coming back now I know that
and man my brain is sore

I'm having trouble sleeping
and it always makes me weak
and I feel like a goddamn freak
I guess its not that bad
I just miss what I had and
I wish I could of spent more time with my dad

But I'm alright, yeah I'm okay
but I don't think I can heal these wounds
but I can use them not in anger for the better
and I'll always lend a helping hand
to my friends or a smiling stranger
and I can lose myself in these songs..
Track Name: Every Step
I'm sitting in a room and its raining inside
and I'm wondering what happened to my life
because I ruin it a little more with every single
drop and Ive drained all the fluid from my eyes

I'm sick of singing the same sad song
I know its right but it feels so wrong
like when we went away and came back to see
everything wasn't quite the same
The mystery of god and the misery of us
the years go by I'm riding the same bus
except its empty of filled with new faces
everyone I know is living there lives
and I'm stuck here sitting in the rain

I fuck up every step I take
it doesn't help that every morning I'm baked
I fuck up every step I take
come on man I need a brake
I fuck up every step I take
now I'm running and I don't know when to stop
I fuck up every step I take
but you fuck up when your standing still

I see your smile and it seems so fake
another day and I'm running late
I couldn't be bothered to face these people
there all busy getting in line
they seem so happy but it seems so fake
these thieves and liars in suits
you took the wrong path when you conformed
and you never had a chance
Track Name: Astronaut On Earth
I'm facing a brick wall
of all the thing Ive forgotten
the lows and highs
seen through sedated eyes
I remember all the times I spent so jaded
all the friends I didn't know I hated
the words I should of said
the things I should of cared about
the songs I should of wrote

but I cant have it any other way
in the end I'm who I wanna be

life's like falling in space
sometimes it seems
your going no where
and you will never hit
the ground wishing for a bit
of gravity
to make you fall faster and loves like rocket fuel
I just need a bit to get me through

now I'm running into a brick wall
putting effort into things
Ive procrastinated for years
I finally know who my friends are
Ive got an idea of where I'm going
and I know where Ive been
and I shake shake shake
till the morning sun tells me to stop trying to sleep
Track Name: On My Knees
As I stare into the depths of your brown eyes
your smile has me in a trance like a light to flies
every second I'm without you I'm dying
when you kiss me on the lips I'm flying

so hold my hand through these streets
and ill never let you go
and the memory's of the past will
fade with the sun
if they come back to haunt me
than you can help me run
and will take this world one by one

as i lay in your arms
i can feel your heart ticking like seconds
and the hours just pass away
when you say you love me i can
feel it in my veins and i hope you know
that i feel the same

ill get down on my knees as if id found a god
ill get down on my knees if you take the demons away
ill get down on my knees forever and a day
ill get down on my knees