Wobba And Friends

by Wobba and Friends

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Some songs i wrote in the past few months.


released November 23, 2016

Zachariah Tazewell - Guitar/Vocals/Banjo /bass - track 5
Trent Geal - Drums
Tia Micheals -Vocals tracks 1,3,6
Recorded,mixed and mastered by Connor Macdonald



all rights reserved
Track Name: Another Fuckin Love Song (all alone)
The feelings the worst
yeh its really a curse
when you wake up every
morning all alone
nothing ever feels right
i couldent be bothered lighting that fire
so im stuck here suffering all alone

the general public makes me sick
holding hands there
kisses and giggles and smiles
i wanna die here all alone
this beds my throne fuck this shit
im never leaving home
Track Name: A letter To You
i hope you burn in hell
like all the smashed lightbulbs
we blackened
i know you'l never tell
you fed me drugs and
and played all the fast bands
punk rock love what the fuck does that mean
sending everyone down with you pretending
your apart of a team

we downed pills
smoked crack pipes till sunrise
and acid it never feels the same
those mornings forced down my throat
as im laying there coming down
from the last 4 days of fun
if i had my way id slit your throat one day
i hope you put a needle in your arm
and die like your father that will do no harm
Track Name: Dumb Doctors
When you spend your whole life
not giving a fuck
everyone gets the wrong impression
iv been hiding all my hopes and dreams
behind a wall of depression
i wear a uniform and a label
that punk rock kids pretty dysfunctional
he hasent got a chance no way hes ever getting out of here

this bladder condition that i never really talk about
got me on my knees
the doctors dont know shit
will someone help me please
i gota get away from my body
get away from my mind
im still alive and iv got time
and kill every minute of it
until i waste away not that your really care
you got nothing to say

i try so hard every night
but im always thinking of giving up the fight
i hope that noose is tighed tight
give me a chance at giving up tonight

im not alright
Track Name: Confessions Of An Insomniac
its 4 oclock in the morning iv got nothing left to do
my eyes feel tired my brain feels wired
im here thinking of you
yeh im missing old friends
and im running through regrets
my lungs are burning from these cigarettes

i stand outside your system
iv got no place to go
i stare at the stars for comfort
its good to go im not alone
im so fucking sick of idol chit chat
im so sick of talking to myself

im stomach is rumbling
from a lack of a diet
my brain feels like its gonna have a riot
i just need some rest
wish i could shut my eyes
wake to a new day not just
another sunrise

i isolate myself so my friends
dont see me in pain
try and keep them
safe and dry
from the pouring rain
i probly seem like a
fucking asshole
but i promise its better of this way
Track Name: Balled Of Craig
i remember the smoke twirling
as the conversations grew
he jumped around with that iv
like a kangaroo
we spoke of future past and present
and how this world is damned
we past joints to the cancer patients
turned there frowns upside down
that secret garden seemed like the best place in town
now i'm probably the only one with these memory's

he said son your probably gonna find me
dead in my bed
he smiled and pattered my back
and filled my heart with dread
i said what do you mean
this man cant die
the basic rules of life don't apply
i said fuck you this man cant die

i remember the day he told me
he said its gonna be alright
oh how i tossed and turned that night
over the next 2 years i watched you
turn pale and spend your time in bed
i dident think this was how this was gonna end

ill remember that last sunset
for the rest of my life
and ill probably ramble about it until the end of time
if i ever get a wife
and ill toss and turn for the rest of my life
from the memory of that night

this is what i'm thinking those nights when i'm alone
makes me wonder what iv been running from since i left home
father if you can hear me sorry for the sins iv made
just know i forgive you too and debts have been repaid
and ill always remember the sessions in the shed
i don't know what windy path lies ahead
ill always remember you turning from father to friend
i'm glad i was there in the end

took you out for the last sun rise
though you couldn't see i know you knew
i hope your nerves could feel the wind
its the least you deserved after all you had been through\

than came the hour when we turned of the machines
i remember room smelt so fucking clean
the machine flat lined my mother let out a scream
i walked out the door it felt like a dream