There Are No Apples In Heaven​.​.

by Half Eaten Apple

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released July 23, 2014

Josh - Guitar 1/Vocals
Zac - Guitar 2/Vocals
Jai - Bass
Joel - Drums

With guests;
Chloe - violin
Tai - lead guitar/vocals
Dan - banjo

Recording Engineer/Mixing Connor Macdonald
Drum Recording/Mastering - Luke Hoskins (LHI)



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Track Name: Noise, Chaos and Destruction
If you could see past my callused fingers
If you could see what we dream
We're not trying for fame or fortune
Just trying because we can
and because you said we can't..

And I'll have an anarchy symbol as my epitaph
as a fuck you to anyone who doubted me..
And I'll have every flag burned at my funeral
Just to show that I'm not all that different
and I want my last chord recorded
so they can hear it from the stars..
Track Name: Orphan's Anthem
It's not that I never think
I'm just nervous and worried about things
the doctors tell me Zac you're going insane
and I gotta rest my brain
and deal with these memories
or your gunna lose 'em all

but when I close my eyes I hear my father's last breath
and it sends shivers up my spine
and I don't know what to put as the next line
so scream it with me even if it's out of time

if you've got no mummy and daddy to call your own
and you depend on your friends to getcha through these days
oh hey hey hey

and if all you've ever wanted was a home to call your own
somewhere you belong no matter what you've done or who you are or where you've been
or where you want to go

oh woah oh woah
orphan's anthem

but never give up
never give in
even if you're at the bottom of a pit
and no one's there

oh yeah
yeah eh eahhh

just hold your hand up in the air
there's always some one there who cares
oh yeah

yeah eh eahhhh
Track Name: Blood island? Where's the matches?
i know im not the same
man i was when i was a little boy
iv seen this speak of dirt
and slept on many lounges

and iv walked these weary feet
bloody and beat
down the same streets
hoping next time ill find my way out

and i think about the girl
who once was my whole world
my one way ticket
out of that stupid farm

i still remember her brown eyes
smileing back at me
at the matches show
in 2005

that moment i knew
i was her guybrush
and she was my elaine
two pirates playing the same game

pt2 verse 2

when we kissed i was shaking
my heart beat taken except i dident mind
and when alone my thoughts where taken
she filled the deepest corners of my mind
and sometimes my heart was braking
i learned distance takes its toll
just a fool my heart was taken
by the prettiest princess iv ever known
not alone but forsaken
i fell so hard but i saw the drop


and i know sometimes i lie
and sometimes i cry
i look into the sky and think about the times
i should of learned to wash my clothes
Track Name: Love, Lust and Everything Inbetween
I miss her lips
I miss her hips
I miss those beauituful eyes
I know everythings gunna be alright
I miss making love
undercovers feeling every curve
I miss saying yeah thats my girl

So you broke my fucking heart
So what, so did she.. yeah that one too
and to me its all the same
and I cant say the same for you

I'm sorry I said l.o.v.e
I'm sorry I would've stayed
I'm sorry that I fucked her
I was drunk and high now id take it back
I hope you had a good time
I hope you felt the same
In the end its just the past
I never thought it could last

For you, I'd go to hell and back
and stare the devil in the face
For you, I'd straighten out
and give up all these stupid habits
For you, I'd kiss your lips
and tell you ya from
the stars
came down here
to save me from myself

Then I broke your fucking heart
So what, so did he.. yeh that one too
and to you its all the same
wish you didn't say the same for me
Track Name: People....
Nothing will tear me down
nothing will brake this sound
i believe im free and i dont think you will ever see
waiting on your boss that sheperd hearding
my only boss is my mind and it keeps learning

verse 2

iv felt lows so low im burning
iv found the little things bring me up
some of them get me high as i said im learning

people talk about fucking lets talk about love
people yell about fighting lets fight about our rights
people scream about money give it to these homeless humans
(who have no one there for them)
before it gets lost in space

people talk about fucking once there was a meaning to love
people yell about fighting lets fight about our rights
people scream about money give it to these starving
children who haven't had a good meal in months
would you do that to your son or daughter
Track Name: Assets
theres a black out in my mind
the futures so far away
i heard that demon screaming
but i dont know what he said
i guess its in my head
these narcotics in my brain
keep me insane they keep me from being like you
obsessed with all your assets while im tripping out on acid
and smoking my life away
luxuary homes and diamond rings
i tell ya they dont mean a think
just survive just be happy

im silently aware
that im losing my grip
so awkwardly staring at the stars
what i coulda been what i shoulda done
with my life i spent it wasting away
but the ashes and echos of times
we spent still here but running away
oh hey hey
i wouldent take it back not a single day
and not today
Track Name: Never Coming Back
Iv got more regrets than repeats
but the regrets rewind
as i ride buses up these roads
next stop to no where
sentences i find bleeding from my lips
and the oldest blood from my finger tips
i found a heart beat in these words so sing with me

sing with me if your fucked up
sing with me if your alone
sing with me if you hope
this year is one you'l forget
sing with me if your life is one
never ending spiral
and your counting stairs
in hope to find some meaning
in this life in our lives
let the wind carry us away
and where never coming back
Track Name: Star hotel pt.2
We walked these city streets late at night
like in the best songs I know
before the morning is born
if the cardboard hadn't worn out i'd still
be there watching them sleep, on these city streets

I'll sing you a song
for the star hotel
I'll sing you a song
for all the jams
at 4 am we could hardly stand
so happy i made some friends
i'll sing you a song for the star hotel
a secret of ours we'll never tell
wasted nights the precious
delusions and the special
feeling we all got

verse 2
the times we spent
in that old hotel
the graffiti covered walls
and endless halls
they're so scared of us
and we're so scared of them
the underground seems so mainstream
when you got no food to eat
i never knew if i'd wake alive

verse 3

for days in front of the tv
out on the battlefront
a controller in one hand
and a bong in the other
every second Wednesday
on our acid dealers door
please sir could i have some more

chorus ext
now they have torn
it down fuck this town
i'm running away
what i'd give to walk the halls
see the painted walls and
sleep one more night
on that lonely single mattress

verse 4
we walked the city streets
after the peasants
had gone to sleep
you wont fence us in you wont keep us out
you will never know
the fun we had
snorting shrooms
in empty rooms
like a smoke filled tomb
i cant wait to die again one day
Track Name: What Are We Gonna Do Now?
As a teenager you can not wait
to get out on your own
your 20s pass you buy and
you realize your alone
get that soul mate ticket
out of the hat your
on the doll the kids run wild
and the meth helps you to send them to school

So what are we gonna do
and how we can see this through
lets burn the flag and change it now
and give all these kids a chance
because there our future so fuck you!

high schools like a footy match
beaten and bashed you better win
or your gonna get the sack
i don't care about politics
the same old shit again and again and again and again and again