acoustic demoZ

by Zachariah Tazewell

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bunch of demos by zac


released January 31, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Star Hotel pt 2
verse 1
we walked these city streets late at night
like in the best songs i know
if the cardboard hadn't worn out i'd still
be there watching them sleep on these city streets

i'll sing you a song
for the star hotel
i'll sing you a song
for all the jams
at 4 am we could hardly stand
so happy i made some friends
i'll sing you a song for the star hotel
a secret of ours we'll never tell
wasted nights the precious
delusions and the special
feeling we all got

verse 2
the times we spent
in that old hotel
the graffiti covered walls
and endless halls
they're so scared of us
and we're so scared of them
the underground seems so mainstream
when you got no food to eat
i never knew if i'd wake alive

verse 3

for days in front of the tv
out on the battlefront
a controller in one hand
and a bong in the other
every second Wednesday
on our acid dealers door
please sir could i have some more

chorus ext
now they have torn
it down fuck this town
i'm running away
what i'd give to walk the halls
see the painted walls and
sleep one more night
on that lonely single mattress

verse 4
we walked the city streets
after the peasants
had gone to sleep
you will never know
the fun we had
snorting shrooms
in empty rooms
like a smoke filled tomb
i cant wait to die again one day
Track Name: Orphans Anthem
It's not that I never think
I'm just nervous and worried about things
the doctors tell me Zach you're going insane
and I gotta rest my brain
and deal with these memories
or your gunna lose 'em all

but when I close my eyes I hear my father's last breath
and it sends shiver up my spine
and I don't know what to put as the next line
so scream it with me even if it's out of time

if you've got no mummy and daddy to call your own
and you depend on your friends to getcha through these days
oh hey hey hey

and if all you've ever wanted was a home to call your own
somewhere you belong no matter what you've done or who you are or where you've been
or where you want to go

oh woah oh woah
orphan's anthem

but never give up
never give in
even if you're at the bottom of a pit
and no one's there

oh yeah
yeah eh eahhh

just hold your hand up in the air
there's always some one there who cares
oh yeah

yeah eh eahhhh
Track Name: Choke
hold me close and i'll slit your fucking throat
we can fall in love or fall hanging from a tree
we can be together forever death won't part us
as we choke choke choke
on our lives

so you think you will make it to heaven
well do ya?
i think we're better off in hell
or hell have we already lived it
i've seen demons worse but time
will tell
Track Name: Jimmy It Lives
jimmy it lives and i was never born
the sherbet teleman and that spookcat
hanging on your ear
i could walk a thousand miles
in your shoes could you
walk a mile in my bare feet
no your a cow

i could fall in love
but it would fall apart
with every ounce of pain
and every broken dream
all cataloged i'll burn that building down
fingers crossed
every memory will drown

am i hopeless or do i just hope for less
i've done all the wrong things
but i sure did them right
if living this way is a crime
lock me up and change the key
please one day set me free

the bottom has become
my comfort zone
if i got to the top
i'd never feel at home
i'm broke lost sick and hurt
to sleep would be a dream
one where i wake up cold and alone
Track Name: Chaos,noise and destruction
if you could see past my callus fingers
if you could see what we dream
we're not trying for fame or fortune
just trying because we can
and because you said we can't

and I'll have an anarchy symbol as my epitaph
as a fuck you to anyone who doubted me
and I'll have ever flag burned at my funeral
just to show I'm not all that different
and I want my last chord recorded
so they can hear it from the stars