Comfortable Beds And Freedom

by Zachariah Tazewell

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released November 7, 2014

Guitar/vocals - Zac Recording/mixing - Connor Macdonald



all rights reserved
Track Name: Astronaut On Earth
Verse 1

I'm facing a brick wall
of things iv forgotten
all the lows and highs
seen through sedated eyes
i remember all the times iv spent so jaded
all the friends i didn't know i hated

the words i should of said
the things i should of cared about
the songs i should of wrote


but i cant have it any other way
in the end im who i wanna be


Lifes like falling in space sometimes
it seems your going nowhere
and you'll never hit the ground
wishing for a bit of gravity
to bring you back up
loves like the rocket fuel
i just need a bit to get me through

Verse 2

now im running into a brick wall
putting effort into things iv
procrastinated for years
i finally know who my friends are
iv got an idea of where im going
and i know where iv been
and i shake shake shake
till the morning sun tells me to stop trying to sleep
Track Name: Happens All Over
Ether i'm feeling lazy
or i'm a bit crazy
when my eyes are hazy
i couldn't give a fuck at all
just about getting high
and when i'm out is when i'm in doubt
of myself and who i am
when my lungs start hurting
you know i'm learning and it happens all over again

Happens all over Happens all over
Happens all over again

When my center-link check is running out of control
and we whinge fuck the dole it all takes its toll
if you wanna fit the mold of a dropkick just like us
they say whats the point in living this life
why don't you kill yourself with a knife
and die in the gutter just another statistic
so kids can think its cool
Track Name: On My Knees
Verse 2
As i stare into the depths of your brown eyes
your smile has me in a trance like a light to fly's
every second im without you im dying
when you kiss me on the lips im flying

Hold my hands through these streets
and ill never let you go
and the memory's of the past will fade in the sun
if they come back to haunt me you can help me run
and will take this world one by one

Verse 2

As i lay in your arms
i can feel your heart ticking like seconds
and the hours just pass away
when you say you love me
i can feel it in my veins
i hope you know that
i feel the same

ill get down on my knees
as if id found a god
ill get down on my knees
if you take the demons away
ill get down on my knees
forever and a day
ill get down on my knees
Track Name: Dead Faces
There's nothing left but time
yeah there's nothing left but these days
and one of these days will say goodbye
yeah one day will say goodbye
and i hope its not to soon

i walk these streets i see dead faces
i walk these streets i see lost souls
and the color in there eyes is fading
the weight they bare has bent there spine
and i don't want that for us