Worlds too fast for punk!

by Another Broken String

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released April 22, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Oh My God He Even Ate The Beaks
fuck this city
and fuck this town
ill make my rest
on this stone cold ground
where burning bridges
smashing walls
fuck this building
yeh fuck them all
no place to go
no place to sleep
ill lay to rest in this cold
nights heat thanks for
the show but please dont go
need that rhythm feel that beat

rebellion is my only vice
this fucked up symptom
for this(your)(our) fucked up life

down spiting speeches
of songs i never wrote
remembering lines
these foreign eyes
as we keelhauled from
the boat
i guess you dispise
what lies cracked up on your floor
thank god giving birth to this filth
ridden earth my hatred and your lies
Track Name: When Will It Be Worth It
we wont dread the danger
will dread the final run
when its all said and done
will know we had fun

the corners of my mind blanked
out on wasted nights spun
out on drugs
sweep the memory's right under the rugs

this life that where blessed with
like a shot to the head in the end
we all end up dead

i could give you a million
reasons to die but tonight
just please feel alive
and we can watch the sunrise
maybe not for the very last time

i guess where forsaken
to see a twisted version
of reality it makes me ask
is there any point to the path
of sobriety when where only
given pills to cleanse our guilt's and fears
to hide away the pain will deal with it
another day
Track Name: Where's the Revolution
living the free life
provided by fear
all these regulations
the end is always near
a constant stuggle
to follow the path set for life
work education that big wedding
and a wife

where all stupid insane
and scared of whats to come
we watch the dangers of the world
from our lounge room is this it
im scared as shit where not here
for to long so live it up live it up
live it up ay yeh yeh

verse 2

i hear that woman shot
her 4 year old son
and that man he killed
every single one
where locked up
tight in these expanding
prison walls freedoms
an illusion where in for
the long haul


is this real
or is it a nightmare
where i wake to a
better place i know
with my fears forgotten
time wont exist
no reality forever
in freedom lost in time
and space
Track Name: Fully Sick
so sick of staring
at these god damn walls
just let me catch my breath
i know i missed your calls
my brains on standby
the reboot buttons stuck
no hope what future i couldn't
give a fuck

sick of being alone
sick of being hated
sick of being sick
and im so fucking bored
sick of being judged
sick of being wrong
sick of being lied too
and everyone is sick of me